Golden Oldies Netball Rules

Golden Oldies Netball caters for all playing abilities and your team will be asked to indicate whether it wishes to play socially or more competitively. The Festivals are not tournaments and as such the results of the games are of no significance. Rules and conditions of play include:


Age Groups

All players must be 35 years of age or older.

Blood policy

It is the umpire's responsibility to ensure that a bleeding player is removed from the court immediately to have the bleeding and injury covered. A replacement player will take the court. There is no time allowed for treatment.

Clothing and Equipment

Teams are requested to supply their own playing bibs. All players must wear appropriate shoes at all times.

injury time

There will be no time allowed for injury. If an injury occurs, the injured player will be replaced during play. In the event of a serious injury the umpire shall stop play to allow time to decide whether the injured player is fit to continue playing. No extra time will be added for a stoppage for injury/illness.

match duration

All games are 12 minutes each half with a break of 4 minutes for half time.

Match Timing

All games will be timed centrally, by the officials of the Festival. Each game will start and finish with the umpires whistle. Games will start on time as per the draw. Teams must be ready on the side of the court five minutes before the start of their game.


All games will follow the International Federation of Netball Association playing rules.


There is no restriction on the number of replacements during the game. Players may leave and return to the court after a goal is scored, after an interval and after notifying the umpires.


Competitive – scored and top two teams take part in a final at the very end of the Festival

Serious – still enjoy a competitive game but not up to the challenge of competitive

Semi-Serious – play to the rules but enjoy a lot more of the social/fun side

Fun – Just what it says - very social